Takako Kuroyanagi

Nihon University College of Science and Technology
Tokyo, Japan


Principal Investigators: Liza Coe and Brian Day

About me

I'm very interested in the universe, because it has infinite possibilities and unknown things. If I have my pronoun, it's the spirit of inquiry or adventure spirit. I like exciting things. The universe delights me, for example, so many beautiful stars, to see the earth from space, the moment of launch of a rocket, etc. I think that I'm happy because I was born on a beautiful planet. So I want to know about my planet and universe.

Education and Experience

I study physics because physics is a fundamental subject and I can study astronomy. I haven't decided on my graduation research content yet, but I want to do graduation research about space exploitation. I'm also doing volunteer activities. I am the leader of the Young Astronaut Club in Japan. Activities include field trips of museums, natural observation, astronomical observation, demonstration and a workshop which gives children the chance to make a water rocket and gunpowder rocket, event participation with a research institute and institution, and study about the universe, the earth, and global environment problems, etc.

Interest and Hobby

My hobby is travel abroad. I went on a trip to about 20 countries in Europe, Asia, etc. I like to talk with various different people because they tell me about new things.

Future goals

Today, satellites and probes made with innovation technologies are launched. Little by little humans are certainly reaching out into the universe.
Space exploitation is needed for more development, so we need to teach people about the importance of space exploitation. For this reason, I want to become a space consultant. I would like to step up as a member of the human race through my experience in the NASA Academy. Moreover, I would like to share my experiences and the things I learn with as many people as possible regardless of nationality.space educator, as a Japanese, as an international, and as a