Michael Zero

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Terre Haute, IN

Mechanical Engineering

Education and Experience:
My interest in aeronautics has been growing since I was a child, but my commitment to further understand the field was solidified in the summer of 2006. I participated in a service trip in Kenya, Africa and spent several hours watching airplanes take off and land and spent several more hours flying. The sensation associated with these experiences has since been unparalleled in my life and the quest to learn more about aeronautics has taken off.

My undergraduate education was been spent at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. Challenging courses and high expectations constantly push the students to improve their technical knowledge and work ethic. As a mechanical engineering major, I spent a majority of my time honing my teamwork abilities while tackling unique projects. Group projects helped me discover a passion for leading and technical documentation. I respect the power of a collaborative effort and yearn to inspire and motivate as a project manager in the future.

My first bout with the NASA Academy was the culmination of several years of sleepless nights spent studying and advancing my skill set. As soon as I was introduced to the program, I was convinced that it was the perfect opportunity for some of the brightest minds that our colleges have to offer to grow and develop. My main goal throughout the summer was contributing to the team in a meaningful way and completely immersing myself in as many new experiences as possible. Having completed the internship, I was incredibly appreciative of the staff and desired to leave a positive impact on the next Academy. I will do everything in my power to assure that the summer experience is wholly beneficial and positive because I have a genuine desire to give back to the program that helped me grow so much.


My passion for academics is only matched by my passion for running. I have been a member of cross country and track and field teams since seventh grade. While I may not be the most talented runner, I truly appreciate the camaraderie inherent to the sports. My experiences building tightly knit running teams have affected the manner in which I approach any group work. So long as a common goal exists among passionate individuals, it’s easy to be surprised at the outcome of effort.