Kristina Gibbs

Section Manager for Lockheed Martin and Director for the NASA Ames Academy for Space Exploration
NASA Ames Research Center

Kristina Gibbs is the Deputy Program Manager for the Academy and the Lockheed Martin Manager overseeing the Academy's daily operations. In addition to this task, Kristina manages support for other NASA organizations including the NASA Astrobiology Institute and the NASA Lunar Sciences Institute. Kristina also has the responsibility for strategic planning and hiring the Academy staff and drivers.

Until recently, Kristina has been working for Lockheed Martin in support of NASA Ames Life Science Payloads for over 15 years. She first started as a liaison between NASA and the Principal Investigators of the Mir /Shuttle payloads, working collaboratively with Russian Researchers. From 1999 to 2002, Kristina was the Project Scientist for two of the first life science payloads in the ISS. As the first Lockheed Martin employee to manage a NASA payload, Kristina facilitated microbiology hardware development and flight operations. Kristina has supported over 10 Mir, STS and ISS payloads and over 20 Principal Investigators . Just over a year ago Kristina was appointed as Manager to the Lockheed Martin Institutes and Collaborative Technologies section.

Kristina is looking forward to your arrival and working with you this summer.