Karl Gendler

Karl Gendler
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Aerospace Engineering
Principal Investigator: Dr. S. Pete Worden

Education and Experience:

As a small child, my mother used to take me to the library every other week. Each time without fail, I would manage to squirm my way out of her grip and dash off to the science section. Thankfully, all of the books on space were on the bottom shelf, within reach of my eager mind. When my mother finally caught up, there would inevitably be books strewn about me, pertaining to planets, or stars, or some principle of astrophysics. I would pick three and check them out, returning in two weeks to repeat the same process, accompanied by the thrill of expanding my newly found knowledge.

I’m extremely lucky to have retained this same excitement and passion for learning through all my years in academia. This same passion drives me through each semester, to each class, through each assignment, and to higher goals. It is one reason that I joined S3FL, a student-run laboratory dedicated to hands-on space-systems engineering. Through this group, I’ve absorbed a great deal of basic engineering knowledge, including knowledge of electronic systems, integration, higher level coding, and much more. Seduced by the prospect of new knowledge, I’ve gathered outside experience with hovercraft fabrication, wind turbine design, and automotive restoration, falling in love with the design and creation aspect of engineering.

About the Summer:

A newfound passion for discovery and innovation has joined my thirst for knowledge, and together they have propelled me into my position this summer at the NASA Ames Academy. I am indescribably excited for this experience and all that I can learn from it. I’m ready to be blown away by the sheer volume of information that will be disseminated, and I’m more than eager to absorb all that I can. I am so privileged to have been given this opportunity. I look forward to working with this group of extraordinary individuals, each of whom will continue on to change the world, one day at a time.

The Future:

In the fall, I will be entering my senior year the University of Michigan. After taking a summer off hopefully to participate in Drum Corp International, I plan to return to the University as a graduate student in the fall of 2014, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Space Systems Engineering. Beyond this, my future holds endless possibilities. One thought that I’ve fancied for some time now is to return to academia as a professor after I’ve done my time in industry. The world can never have too many good teachers!