Emily Bathgate

University of Technology
Sydney, Australia

Marine biology/geology for honours

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carol Stoker
Project: mineralogical analyses of Mars Analogue Soils Sampled at MDRS in Utah

Education and Experience:

I was born in Sydney, Australia, and grew up immersed in its beach culture, which led to my love of sailing and exposed me to the value of teamwork. After a long day sailing I would often lie on the deck and watch the stars, dreaming of what may be found in the far reaches of space. Thus, my love for the ocean led me to grow up with a love and appreciation of the universe.

In High School I had many aspirations for possible careers. I was undecided whether to become a pilot, a photographer, or a scientist. Finally the deep ocean and the vastness of space captured my imagination: I dreamed of being an active participant in humanity's exploration of the far reaches of space.

I undertook a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at the University of Technology, Sydney. Here I was inspired during a class in Astrobiology to pursue an Honours degree in this discipline. For my Honours project I was involved in research that investigated the possible extent of ice-sheets and paleo-oceans on Mars, thus combining my life-long passions for the vast expanses of the ocean and space. My background in biology gave me a unique perspective on the geological features I observed. Furthermore I gained handson experience in the processing and interpretation of NASA and ESA orbital images of Mars. Completing my Honours program with such an exciting project was a thrilling adventure, which has motivated me further to pursue space science studies.

The opportunity to attend the NASA Ames Academy is a dream come true for me and I yearn for the opportunity to contribute to the progression of humanity in its quest to reach Mars and beyond.

With the completion of the Academy program I will gain international exposure and I hope to build long-lasting collaborations. I want to ensure that my Academy experience will inspire young Australians to aim high and pursue their interests and dreams, by providing an example of what can be achieved if one follows the path of one's curiosity and wonder.

Extra Curricular:

I am a very keen Sailor and have been sailing from a young age on my family's 27ft yacht: 'Yellow Bird'. The peace I feel on the water when we take the yacht for coastal sails and join in 'Endeavour' class regattas is immense. I love singing and photography, two activities that fill my time when I am not studying or looking at the stars: I never leave the house without bringing along at least one camera.