Dr. Douglas A. O'Handley

Emeritus director for the NASA Ames academy for space exploration

Doug O'Handley is returning for the 15th year with the NASA Ames Academy. He retired from NASA after 40 years in government and academia in 1999. He is currently employed by Lockheed Martin to continue his activities with the Ames Academy. He teaches at Santa Clara University in the Physics Department.

Doug has an AB degree in astronomy from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Celestial Mechanics and Computer Science from Yale University.

Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, Doug was employed with the Time Service and Nautical Almanac Offices of the U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. After graduation from Yale University, he joined NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and carried out research in celestial mechanics in support of the early Mariner missions to Mercury, Venus, and Mars. He took the challenge to enter management and led research in artificial intelligence and biomedical technology.

After a brief period as staff in the Director's Office at Ames, Doug returned to southern California to work in the private sector at TRW in Redondo Beach. In 1988, he joined NASA Headquarters as the Deputy Assistant Administrator in the Office of Exploration. This was at the period of planning and the announcement of the Space Exploration Initiative by former President Bush to place humans permanently on the Moon and venture on to Mars early in the 21st century.

Returning to Ames in 1992, Doug joined the space Sciences Division in the Space Directorate.

He is a consultant with Orbitec in Madison, WI. The results of a lunar study carried out with Orbitec can be found at http://www.niac.usra.edu/studies under O'Handley.

Doug is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a Fellow in the Aerospace Medical Association, a Fellow of the American Astronautical Society, and an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In addition, he is a member of the International Astronomical Union and the International Academy of Astronautics, and the American Astronomical Society. He chaired, for 10 years, the Space Exploration Committee of the International Astronautical Federation.

Christy, his wife, and Doug will be spending more time in Tahoe this summer but will get to know all of you personally. You always are welcome at either of our place in Morgan Hill or Lake Tahoe. You have become part of our extended family by your selection to the Ames Academy.