Brennan Chung

Brennan ChungUniversity of California, Berkeley
Mechanical Engineering

About Me
I was born in the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana. My parents are both chemical engineers and I found out when I was young that I absolutely hated chemistry but loved building and taking apart things. I spent my years in high school participating in science fair, math competitions, and chess tournaments. I was recently bitten by the electronics bug and I have bought several microcontrollers and a Raspberry Pi, with plans (time allowing) to get into hobby robotics. At Rose-Hulman, I joined a few interesting clubs including EcoCar2, the Robotics club, and the aerial Robotics club.

Space exploration has always been an interest of mine, the limitless potential that still awaits us both within our own solar system and beyond is the main reason for my interest in NASA. When I was offered the opportunity to attend the academy I was ecstatic. The chance to contribute to the decades of excellence at NASA is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope to meet many like-minded people, to expand my knowledge, and to have an amazing summer experience.

Education and Research
I am graduating May, 2014 from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Robotics. To date, I have completed two internships, one at Rose-Hulman Ventures designing and prototyping biomedical devices for use in brain surgery, another at the Marshall Space Flight Center building scientific devices for use on the ISS. I am currently building a delta robotic system for a professor at my university to be used in classroom demonstrations. My senior design project is to make a device that will autonomously paint the lines on a baseball field for our client.

Hobbies and Interests
I love designing, tinkering, and hobby robotics. A few of my future projects include a quadcopter, homemade rapid prototyper, and small robotic arms. I have also been playing around with android app development, personal computer construction, and microcontrollers. Outside my technical interests, I love camping, reading, and hiking.

Future Plans
I plan to get my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and then possibly a PhD. Once I leave the academy, I would love to work on challenging engineering problems at NASA.