Mitsuhisa Baba

Mitsuhisa Baba
Waseda University
Tokyo, Japan
Applied Mechanics
Principal Investigators: Dr. William Warmbrodt and Larry Young

Education and Experience:

My passion for space started when I encountered small cube sat programs during my third year in Waseda University. This cube sat fascinated me extremely, and it was a catalyst to expand my interest in space environment. With this experience, I want to develop our involvement in space in the future.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering from Waseda University in 2012. Currently, I am in the Graduate Program of the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering in the same university. Therefore, I am interested in space satellites as well as machines including planes and rotorcrafts.

My current research involves the problems posed by space debris. I am doing research through the educational activities for graduate students at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). In particular, I have focused on the deployment of an Electrodynamic Tether (EDT) that will serve as a space debris removal system while collaborating with Kagawa University in Japan to develop a small satellite containing an EDT. This satellite will be scheduled to launch soon. I gave an oral presentation of my research at International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2012 in Naples, Italy. Moreover, I was chosen as JAXA’s sponsored student in IAC 2012 and formed a strong connection with the other sponsored students from other space agencies to collaborate with these students in the future. This experience pushed me to pursue further careers in space science and engineering.

I am looking forward to challenging dynamic course work and projects for my peers by participating in 10-week academic program at NASA and with NASA scientists and educators. My experience through this program will push me out of my comfort zone in Japan. It is an opportunity to meet space experts and future colleagues.

Future plans:

I plan to pursue a career in space science and engineering in academia and/or industry and display my leadership in the field internationally. After graduating from my master course, I will work in JAXA and want to collaborate with my peers this summer to enhance our space environment in the future.