Arlen Kam

Stanford University
Stanford, CA

Program Coordinator

My interest in space started in 7th grade when my science teacher showed us a poster that depicted space in a series of expanded images. A point on the picture of the universe expanded to show the Milky Way galaxy, a point in our galaxy expanded to show our solar system, and a point in the solar system expanded to show the Earth. That poster showed me that I couldn’t possibly begin to grasp how enormously big space really is, and I got so excited that there was just so much more to know. As a result, I pursued a career in space exploration from that point on.

I received my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering at UCLA and M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University, where I learned about the NASA Academy and applied. As a participant in the 2011 Ames Academy, I worked on the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) with Dr. Butler Hine. Throughout the summer I completed a study on the decommissioning phase of LADEE and the probability of impacting the lunar surface within 15 kilometers of an Apollo site. After the Academy, I continued to work on LADEE part time while I finished my Master’s degree. Since completion of my degree in March 2012, I have been continuing to work on the LADEE Flight Dynamics team. We are currently training for Mission Operations and testing the Flight Dynamics System for use during Mission Operations.

After staffing the 2012 Academy this summer, I look forward to working full time on LADEE at Ames.