Week 3 Summary (June 29nd - July 6th)

Written By: Jiro Funamoto, Michael Mayo, and Jason Swenson

Sunday, June 29, 2014
The Academites woke up late today and started their Sunday. Jason, Jiro, Michelle, Nicole, Yoh, Michael and Leo were off to the San Francisco Pride Parade. Jiro decided at the last minute, as the train was coming, to head back and do some work. Without Jiro, the rest rode the CalTrain to see the Center Director Pete Worden at the Parade!

The others back at the lodge relaxed and in the afternoon, Abby, Lynn, Matt and Jiro went shopping at the Stanford Shopping Mall. The Academites' night ended with the recap of the previous week at SNL and laughter at everyone’s quotes of the week.

Monday, June 30, 2014
The new working week started with half of the Academites having breakfast at Megabites and the other half eating cereal at the quads. They were later told that they couldn’t do this anymore, so as to keep a strong familial group spirit. After breakfast each dispersed to his or her respective buildings, except Cooper, Dani, Michelle, Emily and Nicole who went to meet Bob Bowman about the Space Academy group project. A work day, productive for some and rather unproductive for others, flew by superimposed by Lynn’s e-mails about meal schedules, brown bag schedules, and correct brown bag schedules. Cooper and Jiro played ping-pong at SETI for half an hour before they left, and everyone was back around 6pm at the quads for dinner. To the space group’s delight, the fridge in the space quads was finally fixed! The space quad underwent a large cleaning ordeal in preparation for a meeting with Hemil Modi tomorrow. A clean table was used for ping-pong, before they slept.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
The Academites woke up bright and early and headed to Megabites for breakfast. Some Academites had expressed a desire to eat breakfast in the quads the previous night, but no matter what happens, Megabites will always live on in their hearts. After a morning full of individual research they met at the Lockheed building for a riveting brown bag lunch with speaker John Karcz. John kept everyone entertained with his insightful opinions on NASA and commercial space flight. Later that evening the Space Academy met to discuss their group project while the Aero Academy took a break. Faced with the daunting prospect of not having the staffers drive them to dinner, Leo ordered massive amounts of Korean food and Michael made a sandwich.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
The Academites woke up and left for their morning Megabites. After filling their stomachs with breakfast, they were off to work! The Academites worked for a little while and then were off to a tour of both the 40x80 ft and 80x120 ft wind tunnels! But that’s not all – the Armstrong Academy was also present! It was bound to be a day of fun-filled adventures with the Armstrong Academy. Both Academies were gracefully treated to a knowledgeable tour by the wind tunnel expert, Rick Shinoda.

After the tour, both Academies headed to Megabites (for Ames’ second time of the day and Armstrong’s first) to grab some lunch. Jason, Brennan, Nicole, and Armstrong Joe had burritos. Yum. After lunch, both Academies were treated to yet another delight – a brown bag talk with Jack Boyd. They were amazed to hear that Jack Boyd has met Orville Wright, Chuck Yeager, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Barack Obama and many others! The Space Academy then immediately gave their dry run of their presentation at T20-G – so far so good!

After a long day of work, the Space Academy’s engineering team (Jiro, Jason, Cooper, Matt, Brennan, and Yoh) met with Hemil Modi – a research scholar working under Dr. Chris McKay. Hemil explained an experimental 1L habitat used to track CO2 fluctuations during plant growth. After their meeting with Hemil, the Space Academy met up with Julian, Dani, Michelle, the staffers, and some of the Armstrong Academy for Chinese food! After a wonderful night, goodbyes were finally said and future plans were made with the Armstrong Academy – we will be seeing you soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2014
The last day of the week (tomorrow is Independence day)! The Academites all ate together at Megabites for breakfast, while wondering whether they would get a half-day off or not. The answer turned out to be a no for most people. At lunch time the engineering team for the Space Group assembled outside Bob Bowman’s building to have a look at his set up.

Cooper left SETI and went to meet a friend in Stanford, and the rest met back at the quads after a day’s work. But the day wasn’t over just yet! Abby, Dani, Michelle, Matt, Michael, Leo, Jason, Julian, and Yoh headed to Golden Gate Park for “Nightlife” at the California Academy of Sciences! Yoh made it to the last round of ping-pong, Jason bought a record, and Leo had 5 cranberry juices.

After a fun time at the Cal Academy of Sciences, most of the group was beat. Dani, Julian, Jason, and Abby went to karaoke to listen to interesting renditions of various musicals, “London Calling”, and Julian’s favorite song – “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”. Eventually, the group left and fell fast asleep.

Friday, July 4, 2014
Happy Independence Day! Many Academites had family arrive today and spent the day exploring NASA, Palo Alto, and San Francisco with them. Michael, Leo, and Jason went to a BBQ in Sunnyvale, while a few others relaxed in the quads. Some Academites were able to get a great view of the 4th of July fireworks from Shoreline.

Saturday, July 5, 2014
The Academites slept in today! A few stayed behind to man the forts, but most went off with their families and friends to spend the Saturday. Matt was out of the place by 9 AM to spend the day with his mother who flew all the way from New York! Michelle went on a scenic road trip with her family – a 17-mile drive on Route 1 along Pebble Beach, all the way down from Carmel/Monterey to Big Sur. Emily watched a film about a Polish nun – nice!

Jiro and Jason spent all day in their room working on their individual projects. Brennan watched YouTube videos and Yoh caught up on his sleep. Leo stopped by to say hello and then was off to Tee Minus One! After a long day, everyone came back to catch up with one another and relax at the Quads. (Can’t you tell they’re starting to become attached?)

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